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1.       Interpretation of rules

Interpretation of rules shall be left exclusively to the tournament committee. The decision of the tournament committee will be final in all matters.

2.         Protest

Any contestant wishing to protest the score or conduct of a fellow contestant must do so in writing within 15 minutes after the official weigh-in time.

3.         Safety

Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times. All boats must be equipped with an operable kill switch. Operators of boats must be at least 16 years of age. Each competitor is required to wear a coast guard approved chest-type preserver anytime the boat is on plane.

4.         Club dues and Tournament fees

Club memberships dues are $40 per Year for each angler and must be paid by March 31st. To be eligible, all club dues and entry fees must be paid prior to the tournaments. Tri-Lakes Bass Club reserves the right to refuse anyone membership or participation. Up to 50% of this amount may be used for club expenses throughout the year. Tournament fees are $80.00 per boat. Big Bass is included and is not optional. A portion of all club dues and 15% of the tournament fees will go toward the Classic.

5.         Payout

There will be five places and one Big bass paid for each tournament.


6.         Ties

All ties will result in the teams tying receiving the same amount of points. (IE-if there is a tie for 2nd place both teams will receive 99 points). All tying teams will add the pots together and split them. (IE- If 1st place ties we will add the payout from 1st and 2nd place then the pot will be split and the next place will be third Place)

7.         Take-Off and Check-in Procedures

We will draw for take-off positions at the launch site 15 minutes before each tournament. Each boat will be issued a take-off number chip. All numbers must be placed on the check in number board for official check-in. If you fail to turn in your chip, you will be penalized by taking off last at the next tournament. If you are late, there will be a penalty of 1 pound per minute, up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes your weight for the day will be ZERO pounds. If your boat breaks down, someone may bring your fish in for you, your fish must be accompanied by a member of your team. If you are going to be late for the takeoff you must let A COMMITTEE MEMBER know you will be fishing, but will be late for takeoff, this must be done by official take off time and livewell may be subject to be checked by committee a member. (Committee member’s phone numbers will be available to you)

8.         Boat Motor and Tackle

Boats must be 14 feet or longer. Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited. Fishing while outboard motor is under power is prohibited. A small motor nay be used for slow maneuvering. Only artificial lures may be used. No live baits or prepared baits. All bass must be caught live and in a sporting conventional manner.

9.         Creel Limit

There is a 5 fish limit. Teams are allowed to carry only 5 fish of any species in the live well at any time. The only exception is if someone's boat breaks down and you are bringing in their fish. If more than 5 fish are found in your livewell we will cull down to 5 starting with the largest fish. After fish have been checked in at the scales, return trips to the livewell is not permitted. After having your fish weighed you must check your fish in with a designated committee member at the water’s edge.

10.       Dead Fish Penalty

There will be a ½ pound penalty per dead fish taken from stringer weight. If you weigh a big bass for big bass pot and the fish is dead there will be a penalty of ½ pound taken from the fish’s weight. (The committee reserves the right to refuse the weighing of a dead fish if deemed necessary by committee).


11.       Tournament fish and scoring

All fish must be brought to the scales in a Tri-Lakes Bass Club bag with water in it. Only largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass will be weighed. Spotted bass have to be a "true" spotted bass and not a largemouth with a rough patch on its tongue. Only bass as described above, which measures 12 inches or more in length on the longest straight line, will be weighed in. Fish will be measured on a flat board with mouth closed and tail pinched. Anglers are allowed to bring only 5 fish to the scales, if there is more than the 5 fish you will be penalized by culling down to the 5 fish starting with the biggest fish. All attempts will be made to release all live fish back into the lake after weigh-in. The only exception will be a trophy fish to be mounted.

After the stringer has been Weighed and the participant leaves the trailer the stringer becomes official and cannot be reversed.

The point system for determining classic qualifiers and Angler of the year will be as follows:  All participants will be ranked by weight of catch and awarded points as follows: 1st place will receive 100 points, 2nd place will receive 99 points and 3rd place will receive 98 points and so forth.

All paid participants who do not have a fish to be weighed and did launch their boat and attempted to fish or had the weight of their catch equal zero, will be awarded 25 points for that day. All paid participants who paid entry into the tournament but did not fish will receive 5 points for that day.

12.       Substitution Rule

If one member of a team is unable to fish a tournament, his or her partner may fish by himself or herself or with a guest and pay full amount of the entry fees and both club members will receive the same amount of points. Each team member will be allowed to miss 2 tournaments and receive the same points as their partner acquires for those tournament. Guest will be required to pay a $5.00 one day membership fee to be eligible to fish with a club member. A club member can fish with as many guests as they like, however a guest can only fish twice per year. No member can substitute for a team and both members of those respective teams receive points for that tournament. (Only two members can receive points for a tournament from one boat).

13.       Permitted Fishing Locations

Fishing on tournament waters is permitted anywhere except: restricted areas, behind buoy markers of restricted areas, within 50 yards of another competitor that has their boat anchored or tied and have trolling motor in the up (stored) position. Fishing is not permitted within 50 yards of scuba divers. All fishing must be done from the boat. You may not leave the boat to attempt to catch, land or retrieve a fish. If you are found guilty of hole sitting you may be subjected to a polygraph\disqualification by committee vote.

14.       Scheduling

There will be seven tournaments, not including the classic, one tournament per month. There is a limit of no more than 3 tournaments on any lake. We will not fish any lake back to back. The only exception will be due to extreme low levels, flooding, or other acts of nature. All decisions of canceling or postponing the take-off or changing the lake to be fished will be left up to the Club Committee.

15.       Pre- Tournament Practice

The lake will be open at all times, (except for the classic: see rule #16)

16.       Classic

The classic will be a two day event. The lake to be fished will be decided by a vote of those who qualifies for the event.

There will be a dead water period of two days before the classic. Anglers who want to compete in the classic cannot be on the water or get information from someone who is on the water for the lake to be fished from Wednesday at midnight until the morning of the tournament starts. (Thursday and Friday)

Ways to qualify for the Classic. The first way is the top 15 teams who have the highest point totals at the end of the year will qualify for the classic. If there is a tie for the last position all those tying will qualify. Second way is any team who has paid for entry into all seven (7) of the regular season tournaments will qualify for the classic. (Entries have to be paid before the start of each tournament). There will be no non club member allowed to fish the classic. Classic Pay Out will be decided by club committee

Entry Fee: The entry fee will be $50.00 per boat. Big Bass will pay only one place overall. All pay-outs will be paid at the end of day 2 weigh in. Any club member who did not qualify for the classic may participate in the side pot only. Members that are not qualified to fish the classic may not fish from a boat with a competitor that is qualified for and fishing in the classic.

17.       Polygraph

A polygraph test may be given at any point and time during the year. The teams to take the test may include: The top three finishing teams in that tournament, the top three teams in points, teams at random. The committee determines who takes the test from a combination of the before mentioned choices. The person to take the test will be chosen by a coin toss. If that person fails the test, his/her partner will take the test. If the partner passes the test, they both pass. If a team fails the test they will forfeit all monies won that tournament and any awards due to them for the year. They may also forfeit their right to participate in Tri-Lakes Bass Club sponsored event in the future. It will be left to the discretion of the committee as to when the test will take place.